Rocky Laber

holds down the bottom end, the growl of his 77 stingray bass is accentuated by the thumping 4×10 cab. Having played in a number of bands since the early 80s, he’s played rock, r&b, soul & jazz, ranging from bowie to ella and beyond.

Gene Tucci

paisan, guitarist, bon vivant – draws from a diverse and lengthy musical background that includes soul, jazz, rock and r&b. Armed with a classic Stratocaster and tube amp, Gene captures the essence of the surf sound.

Danny Stevenson

throws down the backbone of the band’s fierce rhythm. Recently a member of Braindozer, Space Grass and Lithium Milkshake, Danny’s done stints in metal and jam bands. Aside from his energetic style, check out the transparent blue Ludwigs.

Jeff Price

is a drummer, audio and recording professional from the southwest (New Mexico via Carbondale, Colorado). Young Jeff jumped in and started kicking the old dude’s asses in the summer of 2014. He brings high energy and unbridled enthusiasm to the band.